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Rod Swags, Fishtail Swags, Standish Swags, Vineyard Swags, Mayflower Swag, Bradford Swags

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Standish Swags (custom sized)
Photo courtesy of K. Widmer, TX

Fishtail Swags & Runners
photo courtesy of A. Kramarczyk, Middlesex, NJ
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Standish Swags
photo courtesy of T. Damsma
A Standish Swag 90" Fishtail Swag

Three Standish Swags

Carry the same style curtain
over to the door

The Rod Pocket Swag is the perfect style curtain when you have different
size windows within the same room.

Rod Swag Rod Swag on Bay Window
Rod Swag on Double Window,
Tie it all together with matching pillows.
Rod Swags shown with
lace panels for complete privacy. 
Full length Rod Swags
mounted on the inside of molding 
Rod Swags shown on the inside of
molding (3/4 treatment)

Full length Rod Swag using continental rod

Custom Length Rod Swag
on Double Window
Custom Length Standish Swag
on Double Window
Oversized Rod Swag
on large picture window

Fishtail Swag on Double Window

A Fishtail Swag makes a good
window topper when using shutters. 
Fishtail Swag with
accenting tablecloth & placemats
Carry the same style throughout the room by putting a
Fishtail Swag on the Sliding Glass Door as well
Fishtail Swag Fishtail Swag on a triple window Fishtail Swag
Fishtail Swags
Fishtail Swags Fishtail Swag
Mayflower Swag Mayflower Swag
Vineyard Swag Vineyard Swag
over a lace panel


Mayflower Swag Mayflower Swags
shown with lace tiers
Custom Length
Mayflower Swag

A longer length Mayflower Swag

Mayflower Swags
on picture window

Standish Swag mounted
on the inside of molding
Standish Swag Standish Swags shown
on a Double Window
1 & 2: Rod Pocket Panels with Bradford Swags


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